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April/2014 - My husband and I went to Kelly Spa in Scarborough today for the first time. We are frequent massage therapy visitors. Thought we'd try a different place as we were looking for Chinese RMT's. They tend to really give 100% of their full attention the entire hour. I had to write a review. This place is fantastic. We were charged $45 (no tax) for a total of $90 for us as a couple. The massage I received was probably the best I've ever had. These women have so much strength and tend to your entire body. I really don't know how they do this all day long. I had so many tense tight areas and cracks and crunches I didn't know I had. It's been a while for us. The price is fantastic, you just can't beat it. I believe they have 6 attendants working. We were downstairs in a nice quiet clean area with dimmed lights, relaxing music. We were in one area together head to head with closed off drapes. Very cozy warm feel. The women were so nice but they kept quiet and did their job to the fullest extent. My attendant was Emily, my husband had Mary. We tipped them $10 each and they said they wanted to make sure we come back. I've paid a lot more than $45 for fully body massages, over $120 and this was the best !

Gloria and John

Today, it was my first time there Scarborough and I was happier for the service that I received. Very clean and professional. No minute was wasted of my time over there and the massage that I received was excellent and attendant knew her job very well. I will recommend the place and will come back for more sessions.


Got an amazing deep tissue/swedish combo today from Jenny. It was awesome!! She really worked out all the knots in and around my shoulder blades with techniques I've never had a masseuse use. And whatever she did to the bottoms of my feet felt incredible. I also love that they use unscented oil. (You can add aromatherapy for extra). Music was perfect, setting was perfect, massage was bliss. Place is clean, people are friendly. This is a great place with none of the unnecessary embellishments. Walk in, meet your therapist, go in room, undress, get under sheet, massage! I love it. I'll be back! Great prices too!! $45 for 60min.


Posted Apr 30, 2014

INTRO:  I have frequented at least 6 foot massage places in mississauga, Markham, and Scarborough areas, so have a very good sense of the market.

SERVICE:  the massage is very complete, hitting the head and scalp, arms and shoulders, feet/legs, and ending with back and neck.  My masseuse is amazing!  She uses a wide variety of techniques and actually changes up her routing based upon your articulated needs (not common among foot massage places).  This is the one foot massage place that is the quality of a spa/body massage place, but for a third the price!

LOCATION & AMBIANCE:  the place is right on Sheppard , Scarborough which is a so-so neighborhood that's convenient to the 401 freeway.  The parking lot is free, but a little cramped and often near full.  Inside, they make the best use possible of a fairly small space, but it's relatively tidy.  The bathroom is also clean.

VALUE:  in the Chinese area of GTA, foot massages are typically $45, while other areas like Markham and Mississauga , North York get up to $50.  For what you get, basically the best foot massage I've had in GTA, this is a good deal. Only $35/60mins.


Posted Mar 1, 2014

Hands down best massage I have had, the therapist released all the tension in my back and shoulders, felt great rest of the day



Posted Feb 21, 2014

My wife and I went for a couples massage over the weekend. And we both left there feeling great and both expressed it was the best massage we ever had!

They truly provided a full body massage. Not only did Sofia and Mike massage the traditional areas, arms, back and legs BUT they massaged the wrist, hands, neck, foot, ankles, knees.. everything. Usually I have to ask the masseur to massage my hands and wrist but they did it without asking and it was great!! Would so do it again.



Posted Apr 28, 2014

I love this place! It's only $35 for a one-hour massage, which includes about 30 minutes of actual foot massage and 30 minutes on the rest of your body (face reflexology, back, arms, legs, butt).

You start out sitting up with your feet in hot water, and they work on your neck/back and arms. Then they take your feet out of the water and let them rest while they finish up on your arms. Then, it's foot/ lower leg time. Next, you lie down while they work on your upper legs briefly. Finally - my favorite part - you lie on your stomach and they work on your butt, back, and neck.

Everything takes place in one room.

I've never had to wait for a massage, and I've never made an appointment. But here I did, since they are busier.


Posted May 10, 2014

I've been going to Kelly Spa Scarborough almost weekly for about 3 months and can't say enought positive things about with wonderful place. In addition, I've taken friends and family members there as well, and everyone has loved the massage.

All therapists give good massages. I've had massages in Bali, China, Mexico, Thailand, and elsewhere in the U.S., and Kelly Spa stands out to me as one of the best, and consistently excellent and an outstanding value.

The basic massage that I get is a 60 minute  massage ( Package 1). The massage happens for nearly the entire time, but the foot part is about a 10 minute soak + 30 minute foot massage, so the non-foot part of the massage is nearly 30 minutes.  The treatment is essentially a full-body massage (clothes off) in a very comfortable massage table .The massage table has a cut out area for your face for the portion when you're lying face down.

The place is a small private room with shower and soothing music playing in the background; they have at least 4 private room as well. It's basically a store within a small shopping complex, so the place is simple and clean .

They're open from 11am-11pm daily and can usually accommodate a request with just a bit of advanced notice (I usually call in 15-30 minutes before I want a massage).   

During the massage, they encourage you to close your eyes and relax, and by the end of the hour, I always feel so relaxed and at peace -- so that's the way I end my work week on a very positive note.  

Please give them a try -- you won't regret it!


Nathan S.

Posted Mar 9, 2014

I gave this to myself for 40th birthday. I loved it. The massage therapist Sasa was very professional, and she made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Kelly Spa Massage!



Posted Apr 25, 2014

AMAZING. This is now the best place I've ever been to for a "foot" massage in Scarborough.

The people who work here are STRONG. They sill crack, stretch, and massage the bajesus out of you. They worked out every kink and probably prevented any kinks from occurring for that whole week.

They will seriously twist, pull, and mold you in such a way that when you walk out you will feel like you're floating on air. Any tiredness you have will be worked right out of your system.

I tipped $5/tip each.

If you like it rough, this is the place.