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Posted Apr 15, 2014

“Great quality massage”

My bf and I went there after an exhausted weekend  and we were very pleased. It was my bf's first ever massage and he was like "wow no wonder you like getting massages, it was great!" For me, Mike was definitely one of the best massage therapists I've ever had. The price is great too, we didn't mind going out of the way (we live in Aurora) to get the massage because the spa in Aurora offered couple massage at the rate of 160 dollars! Their website has good deals so check it out, also, the foot reflexology massage is a MUST! There's a famale massage therapist named Jenny who's also very good. I had Mike while my bf had Jenny for the treatment. Both great and really nice people! Wish I could take them with me back home! The place is located inside small plaza, it's like a building with different stores inside and Kelly Spa is located on Sheppard( First Unit). It's just a single room with two massage beds and calming decors. It's not lavish like hotel spas but definitely worth it for the price and quality!


Posted Apr 31, 2014

Finally! A chinese style foot massage place at Sheppard!

I was first introduced to these types of establishments in SGV and didn't think too highly of them initially but after visiting a few times, I realized I enjoy massages when they're efficient AND cheap!

This place is $40/60mins( 30 mins Foot Reflexolgoy and 30 mins body massage), which is SO cheap compared to spas in Toronto and the quality of the establishment definitely spa like.

The man Mr.Yang who serviced me (stop it pervert), was amazing. He listened well when I told him less pressure and knew how to rub me in all the right places with the right touch.

I usually ask for no shoulders and no neck but I just let him just to see how his skills were.

He was good. So good that it wasn't as painful as everyone else. But I still don't like my neck and back massaged so I'll just tell him not to next time.

When he was giving me my foot massage, I fell asleep. It was the most relaxing experience ever.

I loved how he started with a head massage.... it was euphoric.

I tipped him $10.

I love this place and will make it a ritual.


Posted Mar 9, 2014

BEST Deep Tissue Massage Ever!!!”

Couples Massage: BEST DECISION EVER!!!! We both have a lot of tension and stress in our neck and shoulders... Mary and Yang were amazing!!! We've had massages before and this was more than we expected, way BETTTER THAN THE REST!! They really cater to you and know just the right amount of pressure to relieve tight knots... YAY, For Kelly Spa Massage...I wish they would come to Hawaii so we can indulge and pamper ourselves more often!!! Thank you so much for the experience!!!